Origin of the Universe

Here are some information about our Solar system, Universe. In this Tutorial you can get the details about Origin of the Universe. We hope you can get help for your Rail, Bank, SSC, TET and other exams.

Origin of the Universe : Theories
  • Geocentric Theory = Ptolemy = AD 140
  • Heliocentric Theory = Copernicus = AD 1543
  • Pulsating Theory
  • Steady State Theory = Bondi, Gold & Fred
  • Big Bang Theory = E George Lamantor = 1960 – 70 (Most widely accepted Theory)
1. Our Solar System 
  • The Galaxy where we live – Milky Way or Akash Ganga
  • The nearest large Galaxy of Milky Way is Andromeda Galaxy
  • The sun is the nearest star that we can see
  • After the sun, the nearest star is Alpha Centauri
  • The Sun’s nearest known star is Proxima Centauri
  • stars are born in nebulae
  • A nebula is a cloud of gas (Hydrogen)
  • Explosive death of a star is called Supernova
2. About the Sun 
  • It is the nearest star that we can see
  • it contains 70% Hydrogen and 28% Helium
  • The temperature at the photosphere (a layer of the Sun’s atmosphere) is about 60000C
  • A storm of hot atoms dissipates from the Photosphere
  • Chromosphere is located between the Photosphere and Corona
  • Solar cycle was discovered in 1843 by Samuel Heinrich Schwabe
  • The Sun continuously gives off light, Infra red, ultra violet, X-rays gamma rays Radio waves and plasma
3. Planets 
  • All the planets are grouped into two classes – 1. Terrestrial or Earth like planets (eg, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) 2. Jovian or Jupiter like planets (eg, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)
  • Terrestrial planets are also known as Inner Planets and Jovian planets called outer planets
  • A new planet 2003 UB 313 has been discovered which is bigger than Pluto
  • Pluto known as ‘Dwarf Planet’. In Roman mythology Pluto is the God of the Underworld
  • Pluto has a single moon – Charon
  • Mercury has no natural satellite. Mariner 10 and Messenger is the artificial satellites which surveyed the surface of the planet
  • Venus is known as ‘Earth Twin’ because of Proximity in size, mass and density to Earth
  • Jupiter has the fastest Rotational Velocity
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