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Computer Based information

Today wcomputer is very important part of our life. It help us more and more. Technology based, specially computer based knowledge are very important for us. Here are some computer related information that can help you to get preparation for your exam.

Computer Based Question

  • The improvement of Computer hardware theory is summarized by – Moore’s first law 
  • Father of Computer is – Charles Babbage
  • Father of Modern Computer is – Alan Turing
  • The first mechanical Computer designed by Charles Babbage was called – Calculator
  • The first computer architecture was introduced by – John Von Neumann in 1948
  • India’s first Computer – ‘Siddhartha’was installed in the Head Post Office, Bangalore 16 Aug 1986
  • India’s first Super Computer – Param (1991)
  • World’s first Super Computer – CRAY-1
  • First widely installed OS in the PC – Pc – Dos
  • Transistors were invented by Bell Laboratory
  • The main working memory used by the computer are – RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • CD – ROM is – Magnetic Disk
  • A Byte consist of – 8 bits

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  • Operating System manages – Process, Memory, Disks etc
  • Binray system was suggested by – John Von Neumann
  • RAM is a – Primary memory
  • Text based operating system is – MS-DOS
  • The term ‘Pentium’ is related to – Processor
  • The part of a Computer which helps to store information – Disk Drive
  • FORTRON is used for – Programmatic work
  • BIOS was invented by – Gary Kildall in 1975
  • Printed circuit card inside the computer is – Motherboard
  • Cache memory connected to the – Motherboard
  • Processor also known as CPU (Central ProcessingUnit)
  • The software or program which control the computer system – OS (Operating System)
  • The Computers which can perform complex operations at very high speed – Super Computer
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